Appeal to the Chairperson of the Petition Committee on Petitions as to Not to Disregard the Guidelines and to Ask the Committee to Meet to Consider the Proposed Amendments by 56 Entities

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We would like to draw the attention of all the media that as of this morning, 14 December at 10am, we have not received any reply to our letter to Hon. Joe Mizzi and the members of the petitions committee of Parliament to close the petition proposing amendments to the cannabis law so that they… Read more »

Press Conference: Harm Reduction – Working for Society’s Wellbeing

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Diversi rappreżentanti ta’ msieħba soċjali, assoċjazzjonijiet ta’ tobba, infermiera, psikjatri, farmaċisti, social workers u ħafna NGOs oħra li għandhom ħafna esperjenza fil-prevenzjoni tad-droga jinsabu inkwetati ħafna bl-atteġġjament tal-Gvern li mhux qed jisma’ lil eluf ta’ ċittadini u organiżżazzjonijiet li xtaqu jagħmlu emendi fl-abbozz 241 dwar l-użu rikreattiv tal-Kannabis u qed jisma’ biss organizzazzjoni waħda.  Read More

Formal Request Issued Regarding Petition to Parliament

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A formal request has been sent to Hon. Joe Mizzi and the Petitions Committee asking that Petition no. 46 (Amendments to Bill No 241 entitled “Authority on the Responsible Use of Cannabis”) be closed on Sunday, December 12th at 23:30, in accordance with guideline 6.1, and for the said Committee to convene to discuss the… Read more »

Large number of Civil Society Organisations and Constituted Bodies Present Petition to Parliament to Amend Cannabis Bill

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A large number of organisations representing all sectors of society and a wide range of social partners  have presented a petition to Parliament in final attempt to convince Government to introduce a stronger regulatory framework once it has decided to rush through a bill regulating cannabis use.  The petition has  also been endorsed by Her… Read more »

Joint Reaction by the OASI Foundation and Caritas Malta to the Cannabis Reform Bill

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Il-Fondazzjoni OASI flimkien mal-Caritas Malta, jinsabu ferm konċernati li l-proposta ta’ qafas legali ġdid għall-użu responsabbli tal-Cannabis kif ippreżentat mill-Ministru għar- Riċerka u l-Innovazzjoni, l-Onorevoli Owen Bonnici lbieraħ 6 ta’ Ottubru 2021, imur oltrè minn dak li ġie ppreżentat fil-White Paper u jikkontempla wkoll id-distribuzzjoni tal-Cannabis minn assocjazzjonijiet għall-użu rikreattiv. Flimkien mal-proposti l-oħra dwar il-pussess… Read more »

Conference: Medical Cannabis…Myth or Miracle?

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Substance use is becoming more and more normalised, where society’s approach towards drug use is changing quite fast. This abruptness by which societal change takes place does not always ripple down into properly informed individuals. The use of medicinal cannabis has been a controversial topic which raises a lot of questions and concerns. Read More

Date-Rape Drugs

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Imagine you are partying and you drink only so much alcohol, however you have an inclination that something is wrong. Something just doesn’t feel right. You remember that you left your drink unattended for some time. Someone might have slipped in any substance in it, and now you’re experiencing some signs that you may have… Read more »


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Bullying… a term we hear often, and mostly associate it with young children or unruly teenagers. What is bullying and why does it happen? Bullying can be defined as unwanted, repeated behaviour which can have long lasting problems for both the bully and the person being bullied. Bullying includes actions such as threatening, embarrassing someone… Read more »

Share Facts on Drugs, Save Lives – In Memory Of…

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The 26th of June commemorates the Word Day Against Drugs and Illicit Trafficking. This day has been established by the United Nations, with the UN Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) director issuing a message each year to direct efforts related to the eradication of substance abuse and illicit trafficking. The motto for this year… Read more »