The OASI Primary Prevention Programme is characterized by actions qualified to bring about awareness and commitment among the general public. This is based on the understanding that incorrect or inaccurate opinions or beliefs, in part due to fear, helplessness or suspicion, can lead to uninformed and harmful choices, while education is the true origin of human emotional, intellectual and social growth. Therefore, when people seek more knowledge they discover or regain respect of self and as a result identify themselves with measures that improve their health, consequently rejecting those actions that have adverse effects on their well-being. Thus knowledge is the key to the access of the human intellect’s ability to break fear, denial and attainment of acceptance of self and others as they are.


We believe that a good prevention programme must seek to positively influence the lifestyle of members of the local community, particularly the behaviour of youths. Trusting in this conviction, the OASI Foundation from its very beginning included edutainment - alternative educational, leisure and entertainment activities - as an integral part of its prevention strategy. By exposing one’s personal abilities, an individual would be exploring workable alternatives in his/her own life. In the process of its continuous awareness campaigns, OASI imparts information and open discussion on specific health related issues, including harmful addictive behaviours. Thus, as long as OASI promotes alternative, healthy recreation free from alcohol and drug use, its activities are by their very nature preventive of harmful behaviours.


School Sessions

At OASI, we strongly believe that arming youth early on with knowledge about problems they may face and how best to deal with them will give them the tools to handle any issues in a more positive way.   We put this philosophy into practice through regular school sessions, during which we discuss relevant topics in an age-appropriate way, letting children and youths know how to deal with difficult situations and when and who to turn to for help.

At primary level these interventions deal with pressure, stress and changes in school environment as well as topics like self-esteem, true friends, medical substances at home, assertiveness and how to say “no” when required. At secondary and post-secondary level students work on issues such as addiction, self-confidence and one’s future.

Activities in the Community

The prevention team works constantly to keep the local community informed at all times about developments related to substance abuse and other social issues, as well as promoting positive lifestyles that can help people to live healthier, happier lives. 

Periodical meetings are organized with Heads of Schools, teachers, parents and community leaders such as parish priests, members of local councils, youth group leaders, employers and professionals.  These serve to impart useful information to these persons, while also identifying the types of problems they are facing in their community and seeing how OASI can assist them with these issues.  These meetings often lead to the organization of information sessions with youth groups, educators, within local communities and at workplaces. 

Training sessions and workshops are also organized for professionals working in fields related to addiction, tackling issues and practices that may be relevant to their work, such as new drugs becoming available, or training in particular treatment methods.  Conferences are also organized on topics that are of national interest in order to raise awareness and bring together people from different fields who may be able to work together towards common goals.

OASI also organizes a number of activities in the community, promoting sports and other positive hobbies that can help people to stay away from drugs and other harmful behaviours.  These include the Aqua Fun Day, OASI Cup Run & Walk and Youths 4 Youths.


The OASI Foundation makes use of many different forms of media in order to reach as many households as possible. Through the national TV and radio stations, our bi-annual magazine, website and social media, OASI stays in close contact with the public, while trying to keep the nation informed about relevant issues. 

How You Can Participate

If you would like OASI to organize an information session at your school, workplace, or in your community, please send us an email on [email protected].