My life now has changed thanks to OASI... Everything has fallen into place now... I'm going to my 7th year clean and sober, have a relationship with myself, partner, family and friends. I have a child too...

Malcolm B


OASI is my miracle. It changed my perspective about life. OASI gave me life! If it wasn't for OASI ... I will not be alive today. I'm grateful and I will always be till my last breath!

Marylise E


With the help of my counselor and the feedback of the fellows that I received after my sharings in the groups, I began to appreciate life with all it's pros and cons. Working on my resentments and letting go of any sorrows I had due to past deaths of my loved ones also helped. My low self-esteem is an issue that was tackled.

Michel C


A miracle happened at OASI - came in with guilt and shame - recovered health wise - discovered real honesty - it was a learning school of life for me - as soon as I experienced peace and sense of joy I realized that I was on the right track.

Ivan C


My life now: I am in a healthy relationship, I became a mother, I am a full-time University student in my final year, I have a good relationship with my family and I have real friends. Although life has its ups and downs, a bad day in my life now is much better than a good day in my past life as an addict! No words can express my gratitude towards OASI. OASI made a miracle with me and gave me a new life.



During my time spent in OASI I was given my first dose of reality. I learnt how to interact with people in a caring and selfless way. I was treated humanely and was invited to treat others in the same way. This was very new to me and brought great satisfaction.

Zack C


OASI provided clarity through empathetic guidance without judgement. All areas of my life are greatly improved. My greatest achievement is knowing that my children are proud of their Dad. What more could you ask for?