Our History

OASI’s early concept came into being during the years of 1989 and 1990 when the founder, Fr. Emmanuel Cordina met with a group of people to discuss the drug abuse difficulty on the island of Gozo and any possible solutions to the problem. The group presented their thoughts in writing to the Bishop of Gozo before addressing their concerns to the Minister for Gozo. During this time, this group formulated the purpose and name of the OASI Foundation.

On the 26th of June, 1991, the OASI Foundation was officially founded on legal documentation. The Foundation was stated as an autonomous, non-profit organization. As a philanthropic and voluntary organisation, it was free from any political, religious or sectarian affiliation.  The 26th June happens to be the United Nations International Day against Drugs and Illicit Trafficking.

The year 1992 proved to be a year packed with changes and improvements. The following May, eleven months after their official foundation, the Board of Directors decided to adopt the 12 Steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous as the official rehab approach and method of treatment for their program.

On the 25th of June, the OASI Centre was opened.  This Centre immediately gave the Foundation a strong foothold; out-patient services were initiated and prevention activities flourished. A constant stream of contacts requesting treatments found their way to OASI’s doorstep.

OASI’s mission was never that of simply preventing, fighting and treating drug abuse; rather it was declared as early as the beginning of 1992 that its aim was that of treating people suffering from the disease of addiction due to toxic substances which include, but are not limited to, drugs and alcohol. OASI was the first in Malta to consider alcohol as a toxic and addictive substance that needed specific attention and treatment. These days alcohol shares the spotlight with drugs and other addictive substances and behaviours in the national strategy promoted by the Government of Malta.In 1994, the Centre had to extend its premises in order to meet the growing needs caused by the increasing requests for treatment.

While on the 20th November, 1998 saw the opening of OASI’s residential unit for the treatment of addiction. On the 25th of June, 2011, the new unit in an extension of the Wied Sara Street premises was officially inaugurated to cater for the ever increasing demand for services due to the different specialized residential addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Services being offered.

Why Choose OASI Foundation?

  • Our treatment works.

No therapeutic centre can exist for over 20 years without offering treatment that truly works. OASI has been renewing lives and rebuilding families affected by addictions since 1991. We provide all the tools you need for a life-long recovery. Over 1,000 patients have passed through our doors since 1991. A majority of those who completed their treatment have gone on to achieve long-term abstinent recovery from their addiction, others achieved long-term abstinence and the rest are still living with reduced alcohol or drug use. OASI is the only treatment centre in Malta based on the 12 Step facilitation approach.

  • Each client matters to us.

We believe in a personalised care plan. We don’t believe in numbers – our facility caters for a limited number of persons at a time. It is our belief that many people suffering from addiction have other health conditions such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder which also need to be treated. So our treatment focuses on the underlying causes of addiction. To reach this goal comprehensive health assessments are carried out and combined with a wide range of interventions such as cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, family therapy and mindfulness therapy.

  • Privacy is guaranteed.

As its name implies, OASI treatment unit is situated in the middle of an island where air is fresh and clean, and where privacy, confidentiality, inspiration and tranquility are guaranteed and blessed with a freedom and detachment from the hassle of the outside world. At the same time OASI is resourced with all that is needed to assist our clients to recover in the most effective and intensive manner.

  • We promise quick assessment and admission.

If you want treatment at OASI there won’t be any delays in providing it to you. We offer rapid assessment and admissions. We are equipped to help you as soon as you are ready and we do our best to make you feel at home with us.

  • We cost less and offer more quality.

Most Maltese residents qualify for free treatment, as the costs of their therapy and everyday needs are sponsored by the government and the OASI Foundation itself.  If you would like to check whether this is applicable to you, please contact us for further information.