OASI Immediate Intervention deals with stress, inner-conflicts, deviating lifestyles, nutritional and leisure issues. Social engagement, being a process of continuous development, has always imposed pressures on people. There are moments wherein human efforts do not sustain the targets imposed on them by the fast development of a consumerist environment. Less people are well equipped with the necessary emotional and psychological skills to deal with the problems they face. Therefore this kind of intervention reaches out to the urgent needs of people in moments of personal crisis, before the individual turns to dangerous solutions, and helps youths with juvenile problems when they feel the need for guidance and orientation during the “stage of susceptibility”.


Immediate Intervention is an attempt by OASI Foundation to avert people in distress from reverting to alcohol or drugs as a means to ‘solve’ their problems. This service opens up a process of change and growth in the person. Through coaching and support therapy, it helps individuals to recover self-confidence and thus manage their ordinary, everyday life responsibilities without fear and with a more relaxed and matter of fact attitude.


OASI Secondary Prevention services are an immediate intervention or reach out to people before they start to indulge in experimentation with unhealthy behaviours which consequently contribute to worsen society’s repute of fellow citizens. Services include:

Individual Sessions

Therapy through individual one to one sessions impart life-skills towards personal growth to adults. It also helps in the process of family reconciliation or a proper social reintegration.

Home Visits

In certain cases which require them, home visits are held to keep in touch with the person’s family environment.

Couple/Family Sessions

Sessions as a couple or a family are employed to facilitate mutual sharing of efforts among family members in disarray. Sessions impart parental skills and support in moments of personal or family worries. These include bereavement from loss, communicating skills to couples in difficulty to relate to each other in a healthy manner and coping skills to people under mental or emotional stress.

Social Support

Attachment and reestablishing processes meetings and coordination at micro and macro levels towards effective social network s are carried out, so persons benefiting from this service maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle in all aspects of life.