Who We Are

Since 1991, the OASI Foundation has worked tirelessly to assist persons dealing with issues such as addiction, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle through educational, cultural and sports events for the community.

What we do

We Treat persons with chemical dependency or addicted behaviour;
We treat them with dignity;
Treat them as a whole person: body, mind and spirit.

What's New

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Our treatment works

No therapeutic centre can exist for over 20 years without offering treatment that truly works. OASI has been renewing lives and rebuilding families affected by addictions... read more >>

Each client matters to us

We believe in a personalised care plan. We don’t believe in numbers – our facility caters for a limited number of persons at a time... read more >>

Privacy is guaranteed

As its name implies, OASI treatment unit is situated in the middle of an island where air is fresh and clean... read more >>

We're ready to help you

Call us on +356 21 56 33 33

Mission Statement

The OASI Foundation promises a commitment to assist people in their continuous life-long education to enhance their self awareness, mature growth and happy life, to accompany them in personal distress from desperation into hope and eventually to treat and lead those with the disease of addiction or alcoholism towards a recovery touched with a serene future.