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The OASI Foundation continued to experience an increase in people who used its services due to drug-related problems that are considered recreational.

The Foundation’s Therapy Team works with over 200 cases a year. In 2019, 44% had problems directly related to cocaine use, while 25% asked for help due to alcohol-related difficulties and 9% due to Cannabis. There has been an increase in the use of crack in particular.

These types of drugs are all considered as recreational drugs that are used especially in entertainment settings. But when the use becomes problematic, one starts using these types of drugs even when alone. Many people who abuse recreational drugs, would say that they are not at risk of developing an addiction problem, because they are of the impression that only heroin causes addiction.

On the other hand, heroin use remained low - in fact 16% turned to OASI in this regard.

40% of cases in 2019 had post-secondary education, and 16% studied at university level.

The therapy team carried out extensive therapy work with the relatives of these clients. Apart from specific programmes on both residential and appointment-based services for those with addiction problems, the Foundation offers therapy and programmes for relatives of addicts. It also helps and offers support to employers to help a person with an addiction problem so that the business is not affected as much. The Foundation’s programmes are based on the 12 Steps for Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and help the individual become aware of himself/herself and build skills and strategies to comprehend a way of living and appreciate life.

The Foundation also offers community outreach and information services on substance use prevention as well as how to live a life away from drug abuse. In addition to the use of social media, these include conferences, publication of articles, talks and courses in local councils and parishes and also activities of a social nature that offer relaxation, such as sports and culture. In total, more than 3,000 hours have been invested in this Social Awareness work.

Through specially designed therapy, the OASI Foundation also helps people who have started experimenting with substances or who are at risk of becoming addicted.

Recently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the immediate intervention team activated a Helpline, so that people who are going through difficult moments or feel anxious due to what is currently going on, can refer to the help of a professional team. This service also serves to help families going through issues such as poverty who are directed to the services related to their needs.

OASI has the continued support of over 50 volunteers who offer their time and energy in the Foundation’s various programmes and activities. They are also very instrumental in fundraising activities.

The OASI Foundation offers all its services free of charge. And therefore, the recent agreement with the Ministry for the Family, Children’s’ rights and Social Solidarity will be instrumental, as this will enable us to strengthen and increase the services of the Foundation, and add on to the professionalism and skills of the Foundation’s staff.

Anyone wishing to seek help or want more information for a prevention programme tailored to one’s particular needs, can call 21563333 or find us on social media.

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