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OASI is a non-governmental and not-for- profit organisation with its headquarters in Victoria Gozo. Its operations are deep rooted in the social needs and care of the people with a specific mission to see to the social caring of issues and cases of drug and alcohol abuse and other addictions. The services are open to all and are given free of charge.

Since its very foundation in June 1991, OASI Foundation has continuously created various awareness campaigns and to enhance a positive mentality amongst our community through its slogan Life is beautiful… worth living! Through Social Awareness department has always reached children and youths through innovative ways. Through informal learning, the Foundation can proudly state that it has helped various youths who either were on their first steps of developing an addiction or was an eye opener to seek help to overcome their addiction. More than that, OASI has offered treatment and rehabilitation to hundreds of youths in difficulty to find their way to recovery.

Over the years, the Youths 4 Youths project has always been a huge success with children who attended where they had a great time while learning invaluable lessons. HSBC Malta Foundation

 has been supporting the Foundation since 2013, with the organisation of the Youths 4 Youths project. The aim behind this project is to target Gozitan children and help them socialize with others through edutainment activities, while also providing a safe and healthy learning environment. Despite, the recent uncertainties we have faced this past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year remarked the 8th edition of this event.  We also had 34 young participants whose ages ranged between 6 to 13 years of age. Thanks to Calypso Trains, youths were transported to the Government Experimental Farm in Xewkija, and toured around the premises which provided insight on indigenous fauna and agricultural methods.

Thereafter, the children were back to OASI where they had a quick break and the opportunity to get to know one another. Sports games were also organised by Ms Mary Angie by which we aim to promote a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally.  At the end of the activity, a certificate of participation was awarded to the children for their attendance. This activity will ultimately help children to view the OASI Foundation not only as an institution, but as a safe place where people can seek help if they should ever be involved in any social problems.

The OASI Foundation would like to thank HSBC Malta Foundation for the sponsorship along the years, as without its help, such an activity would not be possible.


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