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Coronavirus (Covid-19) is an infectious disease that has limited our daily activities and confined us to our homes. For some, this dramatic change in lifestyle can be tough and isolating. Those of us who enjoyed going about their daily business, now find themselves stuck at home. We all eagerly await the news that this new terror, which has forced us to stay inside, is over.

For those of you who are feeling overwhelmed with the new limitations Covid-19 has imposed on us, this article may help you to make use of this time to reap benefits for a healthy lifestyle inside our own homes. A healthy lifestyle does not merely imply being physically active, but also being aware and mindful of your mental health.

Let us therefore start with how caring for our mental health is necessary. We are social creatures and thus require human contact. It is one of our fundamental basic needs. Being unable to leave the house will limit the amount of contact we have with others and the outside world. At times, total isolation tends to leave us feeling lethargic and unmotivated, and in turn we lean towards isolating ourselves more.

This threat is even more pronounced for people who are already vulnerable to becoming isolated such as the elderly, people in care homes, those who live alone or those who are struggling with mental health issues. Thankfully, technology can be useful in this regard and it would be wise to speak with loved ones on the phone or through video calls. For those recovering addicts who also feel that this time is testing their recovery process due to the temporary shutdown of meetings and groups, make sure to keep in touch with your counsellor, sponsor or Higher Power. Remember to stay grounded and to communicate your feelings rather than allow them to get pent up and explode.

Furthermore, keep your hobbies alive, and if your hobby is virtually impossible to maintain at home, think creatively on how you can transform this hobby into something that can be done indoors. Hobbies do in fact have the power of therapy and can be used as an aid for mental peace.

This is also the perfect time to engage in new interests that you may have wished to have had the time for in the past. So, think big. Is there something you have always wanted to do? Can you do it now? Not only would you be killing boredom, but at the same time discovering new skills and interests feeds a more positive attitude. Who knows, perhaps your new way of thinking might serve as a model for others to follow.

It is important that we remain calm and focus on what we can control, rather that what is out of our control, since otherwise this would be energy lost. Time dedicated to news should be limited to reputable and reliable sources. All too often too much information can be overwhelming, and some online news can be fake and lead to panic.

If you have read this and are indeed feeling particularly lonely, do reach out to people whom you trust, or to foundations like OASI, to help you through this challenging time.

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