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The OASI Foundation was funded in Gozo on the 26th June 1991. Three main departments work around the clock in order to provide our community with services related to the prevention, intervention and treatment of substance abuse and addiction.

OASI said that this means that its main priorities are to ensure that the general public is fully informed about the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs, to provide counselling services to those who are going through a crisis which could lead to substance abuse and to implement a program which is dedicated to those who have fallen victims to addiction.

OASI’s motto is ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’ so part of the Primary Prevention department’s work is to create awareness to students from the age of Year 1 to Post-Secondary Schools in all schools in Gozo both public and church schools.

In the scholastic year that is coming to an end, the officers of the Primary Prevention have met 656 students in Primary Level, 710 in secondary level and 77 in Post-Secondary. So as one can see it has been quite a buzzing year here in the Prevention Department.

With recent research confirming that drug abuse is on the increase, and that the age of abusers is always decreasing, we believe that Prevention services may help to fight against these numbers, trying to keep victims of drug abuse, and addiction as low as possible.

If someone needs the help of the OASI Foundation or needs some information, one can call on 21563333 and there one will be directed to the service needed.

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