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On Wednesday The OASI Foundation officially launched the Research Study: “Young People in Gozo – A Study (2).” The launching was held at the OASI Centre Conference Hall in Wied Sara Street, Victoria, under the auspices of the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono and the research will be carried out through funding received under one of the eco Gozo schemes.

About 10 years ago, Fr. Emmanuel Cordina, the Director of the OASI Foundation, felt the need to carry out a detailed study regarding youths’ perspectives, with the aim of building effective prevention programs in order to create more awareness in our society. During this period of time, society changed and again the OASI Foundation felt the need to update the study in order to have a better understanding of the present youth generation.

The present study, apart from being a follow up of the first one, will also highlight and focus on present patterns, which might have not existed or were not related to youths, ten years ago.

The Minister for Gozo, praised the foundation for taking this initiative and said how pleased she was that these funds will be invested towards the benefits of the young Gozitan generation through a youth research study covering various areas.

Eventually the results will lead to the development of new prevention programmes and policies related to the aspirations and social situations of Gozitan Youths, with the aim of contributing towards a healthier and more serene life. According to Dr Andrew Azzopardi, the researcher engaged to carry out the study, “the voice of young people will be at the centre of this research.”

The target group involves children and youths between the ages of 10 and 30, in 3 distinct groups and the research aims to redevelop various agendas some of which were covered by the previous study, whilst introducing others which have gained importance in the modern day youth scene, such as the impact of new and emerging technologies

Values will also be given predominance in the study, especially by bringing youths more closely into the investigation process, and giving space to youths to interpret themselves.

Meanwhile the research study comes under many themes including lifestyle, sexuality, bullying, work and study and many others.

The research study intends to obtain its data through questionnaires directed at youths, interviews with various social stakeholders and focus groups and aims at empowering the youths’ voice and highlight any possible discrepancies that society might prevail regarding youths and current social issues.

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