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OASI Foundation was founded in 1991 with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle away from substance abuse and also to therapeutically and professionally assist those persons and their families who have been affected from substance abuse and addiction.

We are living in a culture where substances have become more available, where to make use of recreational drugs (cannabis, cocaine and synthetic drugs) has become a way of being cool, trendy, relax and perform in life.

One the other hand, sports is scientifically proven to be a means of relaxation, helps performing better in life and assist in socializing – hence a means of preventing substance abuse while promoting addiction recovery.

This idea was brought forward by a beneficiary and is seen as a sign of support and encouragement for those who need to make that jump to improve their life by asking for help regarding their substance abuse.

Our Main aims:

  • Promote water sports as a means of staying away from substance abuse and addictive behaviour
  • To encourage people to seek help and if they need to do something to improve their life although they might find it difficult, they do it


  • Walk from Xlendi to the area of Sanap Cliffs and back
  • Canoe activity
  • Jump in the sea

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